Our German promoters have extensive experience in the field of fertility management spanning over 2 decades, having performed altogether more than 30,000 IVF cycles till date through our various associated fertility centers in Germany. Our chairman, Dr. Schneider, has been a part of team which delivered the first test tube baby in Germany. We are bringing this expertise to Indian infertility patients seeking fertility treatment combined with the knowledge pool of leading gynecologists from India. For that reason, Morpheus has created a knowledge pool of leading experts in the field of gynaecology and fertility management.  

Morpheus Fertility Centers offer to IVF patients, the highest standards in terms of protocol management, embryological procedures, drugs and media selection and state of the art embryology equipment all at uniform and transparent price structure. Having achieved highest pregnancy rate (more that 10% above national average) in fertility treatment in Germany, the Morpheus team is confident of delivering similar success rates in India to your patients through its dedicated team of fertility specialists and embryologists.

Morpheus ART is a newly established German Indian medical joint venture setting up an organized chain of fertility centers in leading cities of the country.


1. Fertility Surgery

If need be patients will be advised corrective fertility surgery to improve their chances of conception. This is usually laparoscopic or keyhole surgery which has the advantage of minimal hospitalization time and minimal complications. Couple is explained about the type of surgery, anesthesia involved, in patients’ time and possible complications if any. Surgery is scheduled as per your convenience and the urgency.

Morpheus has specialist laparoscopic surgeons well-versed in the minimal invasive fertility surgery to give you the best operative results.

2. Andrology

Andrology will involve a dedicated technician & andrologist to asses the semen parameters to give you the detailed report without unnecessary delays, semen freezing etc.

3. Artificial Insemination

Artificial Insemination refers to placement of washed, concentrated semen sample along with culture media into the female reproductive tract. Intra-uterine Insemination is the most effective of insemination techniques. Here the washed semen sample is deposited into the womb by the help of a thin gentle catheter to facilitate fertilization. This is done at the approximate time when the egg would release from the ovary, so as to time it well and maximize the chances of pregnancy.

4. ART

IVF In vitro Fertilization means basically that the egg and the sperm are removed from the women & the men’s body respectively and the final fertilization is achieved outside in a petri-dish under strict environmental condition, mimicking the natural conditions. The resultant embryo is later replaced in the womb by a gentle catheter.

The basic steps are :

  •  Controlled ovarian stimulation. 
  • Oocyte retrieval from the body under short anesthesia.
  • Layering of the eggs by washed sperms. 
  • Culture till embryo stage in incubators.
  • Transfer of 2-3 best embryos into the womb ICSI Intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection refers to an advanced micro-manipulation of the egg and sperm.

The basic steps in the ovarian stimulation and egg retrieval are same as IVF. Once the eggs have been retrieved, each egg is held by micro-pipettes and a single sperm is injected inside each healthy egg to effect their fusion called fertilization. This technique is specially a boon to males with severely reduced sperm count or even in cases where there are no sperms in the ejaculate. As only one good sperm is needed per egg retrieved, sperms can even be retrieved surgically from the testes or male ducts for using in this procedure.

Once the eggs and sperms have fused and fertilized the resultant Embryo is cultured in the incubators till they are good to be transferred to the womb. ICSI can also be an option for those couple who have had fertilization failure during IVF.

Morpheus brings to you a state-of-the-art laboratory with world class equipment and highly skilled embryologist who have been well-versed in the delicate micro-manipulation techniques to give you good fertilization rates.

5. Donor Program

Sperm Donation For the couples opting for donor sperms we have highly screened medically fit donor sperm samples, from reputed and authentic sperm banks. The confidentiality and anonymity is maintained as per professional standards.

Egg donation gives a chance to women who have prematurely exhausted their store of eggs, a chance to be a mother. It can also be offered to women with documented poor egg quality. The donors are young women with proven fertility and good health. Their screening is done for infectious diseases, genetic abnormalities and willingness to participate in donor program. The anonymity and confidentiality is maintained at all the steps and recipient is given a chance to bear a child genetically similar to her husband.

Embryo donation involves transfer of a ready embryo which is genetically not similar to the couple, into the woman whose womb lining has been readied for the embryo by external oral medicines. The embryo’s genetic donors are evaluated for the infectious diseases as well as genetic abnormalities.

6. Advanced Technology

Most of our centers are equipped with advanced technology to conduct all ART procedures such as Laser Assisted Hatching. This technique is used when the zona or covering of the eggs are thicker than usual. The excessive thickening is believed my many scientists to result in lower chances of pregnancy

Blastocyst Culture Blastocyst culture –In couples who have undergone repeated failure of implantation, an alternative technique would be to culture the embryos to the 5th day when they become blastocysts. Transferring the embryos at this stage can sometimes be helpful in achieving better outcomes for these patients.

Cryo Preservation Cryopreservation- Our scientists are skilled and experienced in the use the latest freezing technologies, including of Vitrification technique. This technique reduces the possibility of damage to the embryos undergoing the freezing procedure.


This technology allows us to have a closer look at the sperm while performing the ICSI
procedure. The high magnification achieved with the IMSI objective can help us in selecting sperm for ICSI in cases of severe sperm morphology problems.

Zona birefringence Zona birefringence – The advanced optical systems assists us in assessing the quality of the egg in a dimension that is not possible with conventional microscopy. Using this technology our ability to select out better embryos for transfer is improved.


The ‘Double Your Chances’ is a medical offer from Morpheus Life Sciences which is a unique and IVF cost effective plan to double your chances of achieving clinical pregnancy. As the international fertility specialists have reached a sort of plateau in success rates in ART, this initiative by Morpheus gives patients an opportunity of a second cycle if the first cycle does not lead to clinical pregnancy. 

Thus, this IVF package is not only cost effective, but it also doubles the chances to fulfill the dream of conceiving a child.


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